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long Island's oldest computer consulting firm

26 Years

by Arthur Heyman, proprietor:

   Net/Works Computer Consulting LLC  has been in business for 26 years; a long time in this industry. The owner, myself, has thus helped a large number of people, and learned a good deal about both the technology and about how to assist firms and individuals.  We believe a good consultant is more than a good technician - they must be able to quickly learn the nature of the business they need to help, and they must comfortably  adjust to new and different environments - this we believe we do well.
     Having seen the inside of hundreds of business and scores of start-ups, having started and nurtured a number of our own firms, we are business consultants in our own right. We are experts in the practical application of information technology (IT) to business needs. We can advise you, guide you; prevent you from needless expenditures and suggest useful paths for investment in IT.

    Though I emphasize below the practical services we offer, there are more abstract ones as well ; "systems  analysis" and "systems administration"  are the fancy terms.
  We can help you decide what tools you need , and how best to put  them together, in order to get your job done, or your office functioning more efficiently.

Computer networks.

  We  build computer networks. We use either  Windows, Novel, or Linux and we do the whole job. We run cable, we install network interface  cards in computers, we install the network OS on the server, we get the computers speaking to each other, we load software on the computers, and we make  menus so your staff can easily run the software. We will also train your staff in all aspects of the software and the system.
  At last count we have done well over two hundred networks.
  We are pleased to construct networks ranging from small peer to peer systems (lacking expensive server operating systems) to large multi server WANs.

Custom database software

  We write custom database software; from admissions packages for schools to "recipe" systems for plastic manufacturers to medical bar code systems for drug trials. We can do this in a text or GUI  environment. We use PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, Visual Basic, Perl, Delphi, Access, SQL Server, Java and, because we've been in business for more than a few months we can program in legacy languages such as dBase, Foxpro and Clipper, to name a few. We write for local computers, networks or the web.

Security /Anti-virus

  Our firm is expert in all aspects of computer security and Virus detection and elimination. From local machines to  LAN's to large networks on the Internet, we can protect you.

 Data Recovery

   From logical failures to hardware problems ; we have helped scores of businesses with getting their data back.

Training /Education

We train - you or your staff , and we are familiar with most of the popular front office software - word processors, spreadsheet and
database applications, as well as CAD and  graphic design software.

General computer consulting

  We do general computer consulting. Which means...fixing computers, installing hard drives or modems, loading software, teaching  clients how to use a mouse and what a subdirectory is...it's what a system administrator does ...

Where we work

  We have clients in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) and of course in Long Island's Suffolk County and  Nassau County. We are close to these towns.

References cheerfully  provided

   We have helped: Citicorp, Brystol Myers, New York City Department of  Transportation, Columbia University ,Stony Brook University (the Business  School,  the Philosophy  Department, the Gym, the Fine Arts Center, the  Medical School),  private schools, retail stores, manufacturers,  health  food stores, photo labs, lawyers, artists, biotech drug manufacturers, flag pole manufactures - it goes on. It's been 15 years.

Things we left out

We also do: Palm Pilot and pocket PC database programming , web site creation, data recovery, navigation and mapping software, astronomy, sail boat delivery  -  and things NOT done ; spamming in the name of advertising , shady/criminal activity via computers - of ANY kind -



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