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Computer Programming for Long Island NY (or anywhere else) - with and without Databases


Long island's most experienced database programming shop

  Store information of any kind, and get the reports you need. 

  We program custom database and general software; from admissions packages for schools to "recipe" systems for plastic manufacturers to medical bar code systems for drug trials and GUI's for industrial robots. We work in Linux or Windows or Android. We create servers, install software and get it all working.

  We can do most anything; on a single computer, office networks, or the internet.

  • Whole programs or small projects
  • Data transfer
  • Task automation
  • Local or web programs
  • Application development of ANY kind
  • Web programming of course -
  • Database programming
  • Database repair
  • Data analysis /data mining
  • Programs for: mapping * astronomy * sailing * etc -
  • In other words: ANY kind of software with or without data.

  Our programs typically consist of data entry screens and reports, all tailored to your needs, often menu driven and always easy to use.

  • Custom inventory systems
  • Custom accounting systems
  • Custom Quickbooks integration
  • Custom scheduling systems
  • Control Plans
  • Custom data driven Websites
  • Custom client contact systems
  • Custom programming of ANY kind
  • Yes, ANY;  if it uses data we can make it work for you.

  Languages and databases:

  In other words we create programs for a text or GUI environment. We use  SQL Server, MYSQL, MongoDB, Oracle or other data sources. We write in PHP, Javascript, Python, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Perl, Delphi, Access with SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services , Java, and, because we've been in business for more than a few months we can program in legacy languages such as dBase, Foxpro and Clipper, to name a few.

  Our software will run on Windows or Linux, on local computers or on the web.

  We are happy to pick up where your old programmer left off.

  We are able to pull data from PDF files !

  As with all programming , creative problem solving is the pleasure of the work, and it leads to a great variety of situations; so while we specialize in "databases" what this really means is using data and then going off on interesting tangents -

  A major client recently had us develop a specialty calculator for mass secretarial entry of financial transactions, and another making a degree day calculator in Javascript - and we have written software using mapping, statistics, and astronomical simulations.

  Another example was a database application storing information on the success or failure of drug trials, and the  printing of barcode labels for tubes of medication. Tubes were to be scanned as they were shipped  and when returned. The program evolved as we were asked to produce a random number generator to control the shipping of placebo vs active medication. This program had, as many of our applications do, user data entry screens , complex reports controlled by user input and specific code, in this case to control unique processes relating to experimental design.

  We are experts in data integration; a recent example involved Quickbooks accounting software, UPS shipping software and MS Access as an intermediary. Out client was producing invoices with a web based system and then doing lots of hand data entry work. We automated the system; wrote code and created a program for him; it brought data and invoices  down from the web into Access, allowed him to mark each as shipped via UPS (and we then uploaded it into the UPS application) or the US Mail ( we then printed labels) and then sent the invoices automatically into Quickbooks. "This saved me 5 hours a day in manual data entry" said the client.

  Many applications are amalgams of data and programming; we have done a very wide variety and can probably do yours.

  We are pleased to learn what we need to know of your business to help.

  Some of our recent work has been in Access please see this page to get a more detailed idea of our capacities.

  We also write in embedded languages (such as EVB) for the Pocket PC and Palm.

  While based in Suffolk County  on Long Island, New York, we have made and supported systems and software in New York City , Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida - and would be happy doing the work anywhere we travel - from Europe to Asia to South America.

Please note our other websites for Access Programming , and here as well

 We support the Agile software development paradigm.





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